Banana Divers Sierra Leone

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The newest Dive Centre in Sierra Leone


Welcome to the newest Dive Center in Sierra Leone. New equipment, 9 boats (6 imported and 3 locally made), 2 filling stations on site and a PADI Professional hope to give a pleasant diving experience to beginners and certified divers. The shallow house reefs make a perfect base for non-divers to have a taste of scuba diving with the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. The challenging dive sites can be reached by boat for the certified divers. 



Dive sites

  • West side reef 
  • North house reef
  • Colonial shipwreck  
  • Colonial Cannons
  • Barracuda channel
  • Turtle Islands (min 3 day)

Banana lsland Sierra Leone, West Africa



Banana-Divers is a scuba diving center in Sierra Leone, specialising in Sport Fishing, Snorkeling and of course Scuba Diving. It is located on Banana Island and it is the newest diving center in Sierra Leone and one of the very few in West Africa. It makes a superb choice for scuba diving holiday with a sense of adventure. The diving center is housed in a beautiful beach resort that is an ideal base for holidays regardless of scuba diving.

Sierra Leone is a wonderful country to visit and an exciting destination for scuba diving.  Although it has not gained a prestigious ranking as a holiday spot and is not commonly related to scuba diving holidays or traveling in general, it can still make a surprisingly rewarding choice. beauty of the country with unspoiled beaches, friendly people, exciting tourist activities, charming beach resorts and meaningful encounters while traveling make Sierra Leone a good choice for holidays or traveling. Together with unexplored dive sites it will certainly be a memorable experience.


Banana Island is a renowned tourist destination in Sierra Leone. Partly this is due to its great beauty and history. However what makes Banana Island stand out as an attraction is the vast range of leisure activities a visitor can enjoy. Lush forest reaches to the edge of the ocean. From a hike to the tropic forest you can jump to a scuba dive. Such diversity provides the base for an exciting holiday with ample recreational activities. The waters around Banana Island offer thrilling opportunities such as, sport fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, free diving, scenic boat trips, excursions to more remote islands and common watersports.  The dive sites are close to the islands and offer a variety of technical difficulty. The forest is generally intact with plenty of wildlife and longer or shorter guided treks are available. The historical sites on Banana Island are linked to the colonial times and the slave trade and can provide a glimpse of the past of Sierra Leone. For more information read the guide on Banana Island. Other tourist attractions in Sierra Leone include the Gola Forest Reserve, Tacugama Chimpanzee sanctuary, Bunce Island, River N2, Bureh beach, Turtle Islands, Tokeh, Sussex, Lakka beach and all offer a diverse palette for intriguing holidays.


Accommodation, food and excursions available on site